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Febar 2 years ago
Lmao, don't give me no homemade azz gift unless you know me very very well. I'm sorry but I don't want no damn coupon book for hugs and massages lmao.
Brat 2 years ago
Hey there beautiful let's chat
Malakinos 2 years ago
voce me deixa maluco de tesao
Dirn 2 years ago
what is the name of lady 6:41 ?
Akiramar 2 years ago
From what I understand, the main point in a sea battle is to blow your opponents masts away. If you break their masts, and bring down their sails, they cant move, and you can sail around and blow all their crew away. If you got a mast brought down by gunfire, you could jury rig it by putting up a small mast replacement and put a sail on it so you could make it home.